The PrimaVita Difference

Intended parents seeking to grow their family through gestational surrogacy have many options. Thank you for taking the time to learn about PrimaVita Surrogacy. Based on years of professional and personal experience, we have developed a unique program that offers personalized solutions and support to our clients. Here are some of the benefits of working with PrimaVita:


  • Levels of service. PrimaVita recognizes that not every client has the same needs. Whether you want us to facilitate an independent journey or provide step-by-step guidance through delivery of your child, we are here to help. This is not a “one size fits all” agency.
  • Personalized matching. PrimaVita meets each of our surrogate candidates personally and has extensive phone, email, and in-person contact with them before we introduce them to prospective parents. We personally select the candidate who best matches your needs and preferences.
  • Open communication. Unlike some agencies that keep your surrogate’s information under lock and key, PrimaVita encourages communication between you and your carrier from the beginning. We believe open communication builds trusting relationships.
  • Access. From the moment you engage with PrimaVita, you will have a dedicated case manager that will assist you with every aspect of your experience. Your case manager will interface with the rest of our team to ensure that your experience progesses smoothly, with minimal delays. We recognize that surrogacy doesn’t always follow a Monday-Friday, 9-5 schedule, and we are available to you when you need us.
  • Personal experience. Every member of our team has a personal connection to surrogacy, either as a surrogate or an intended parent. We have an intimate knowledge of the legal and medical process.
  • Inclusion. We work with married couples and single parents, regardless of sexual preference. We believe family is family, and we are honored to help you grow yours.
  • Standing in the community. The staff at PrimaVita is well-regarded throughout the Texas (and national) surrogacy community. Surrogates, parents, and professionals know we love this community and they trust us to take care of it. We take that trust seriously and feel honored to serve our friends and colleagues.

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Why Texas?


PrimaVita Surrogacy matches intended parents from all over the world with Texas surrogates. Why should your surrogacy experience take place in Texas?

  • We know Texas surrogates.
  • Our staff at PrimaVita has been involved in the Texas surrogacy community for years.
  • We know the surrogates we work with personally and only work with a select group of women whom we fully trust to grow our client’s families.
  • Staying local means we will always maintain a strong, personal connection with our surrogates—we do not rely on printed forms and phone calls.
  • Texas is a medical leader.
  • Texas has an abundance of IVF facilities, with nearly 40 infertility clinics reporting statistics to the Society of Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART).
  • Texas has top performers in each of its major cities, ensuring a local treatment option for almost any patient. PrimaVita Surrogacy has experience working with dozens of infertility clinics.
  • For intended parents working with out-of-state clinics, Texas clinics are happy to provide monitoring services. This minimizes your surrogate’s travel costs.


  • Texas has great surrogacy laws.
  • For married couples, Texas has an ideal surrogacy law. You will be your child’s legal parents from the moment of birth and you will be named on your child’s birth certificate.
  • For single parents, you will also be named directly on your child’s birth certificate. The other parent’s information will be marked as “unknown.”
  • Same sex married couples are treated equally under Texas law. Both parents will be named on the birth certificate.