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Get Started Now

Get Started Now


The first step in the matching process will be to speak with our program director, Tiffany Finley.

She can answer any questions you may have and get you started on the second step – filling out our intended parent questionnaire.

Parent Profile

The answers you give on the questionnaire will enable us get to know you and your preferences better which will help us find your surrogate match.

We will create your personal profile based on your answers.

Matching and Meeting

Our surrogates fill out a very similar questionnaire. We will compare your responses with those of our gestational carriers. When we find a carrier we think will be a great fit, we will send them your profile. If the carrier likes you, we will share her profile with you. If you agree the carrier looks like a good fit, PrimaVita will ask for the agency fee payment and will set up a meeting between you and the carrier.

After match call, PrimaVita will connect with both parties to find out if everyone would like to move forward with one another. If all parties agree, we will share contact information. We want you to start bonding right away!

Medical Verification
  • PrimaVita will have your carrier’s pregnancy/delivery records sent to your fertility clinic.
  • PrimaVita will initiate insurance verification to find out whether your surrogates insurance will cover a surrogate pregnancy.
  • PrimaVita will coordinate psychological evaluations for both the you and your carrier, based on clinic requirements.
  • PrimaVita will schedule medical screening for your carrier at your fertility clinic.
get started now

Tips for your telephone/Skype call with potential Gestational Carrier

  • Try to find a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted. Giving your full attention to the call will show the carrier this is important to you.
  • For a Skype call, it’s a good idea to open up Skype before your scheduled call and give it a quick test to make sure everything is working correctly.
  • Review the Carrier’s profile again and write down questions you want to cover during your call. It’s easy to forget things once the conversation starts flowing.
  • Don’t stress… try to relax! The carrier is likely just as nervous as you are!
  • Use this opportunity to get to know each other on a friendly basis, try not to make it all about business.
  • After your phone call is over, email your coordinator to let her know how things went.

Here are some sample questions or topics you can ask to keep the conversation flowing:

  • What led you to surrogacy?
  • Who will be present during the birth?
  • What led the potential carrier to surrogacy?
  • What are your expectations for the birth?
  • Does your family know about your plans for surrogacy? Are they supportive?
  • Would you like the surrogate to provide pumped breast milk after the baby is born?
  • Do you plan to tell your child about surrogacy when he/she is older?
  • How many children are you hoping to have via surrogacy? Are you open to a sibling journey if all goes well?
  • What are your hopes and expectations for communication? (frequency and what form of communication you/they prefer)
  • What are your thoughts on termination? Under what circumstances do you feel that it is necessary?
  • How do you spend your free time?
  • How soon are you looking to transfer?
  • Ask general questions about family and lifestyle.
  • Are you using your own eggs/sperm or donor?
  • How do you feel about a twin pregnancy? Triplets?
  • What kind of relationship do you expect from us? (before, during and after the birth)
  • What kind of relationship do you expect after the birth of the baby?
  • Are you on board with meeting the surrogate’s children and allowing them to meet the baby after he/she is born?
  • If you live internationally or out of state how do you plan to be involved in this journey? (skype, visits, ect.)